The Matrix: Automatic Customer Solution

Are You Ready To Generate More Leads, Acquire More Customers, And Increase Your Revenue?

The biggest problem with marketing today is that it’s overwhelming.  

Tactics have replaced strategy. Complicated funnels have replaced simpler more effective methods. And "shiny and new" are being prioritized over proven and powerful. 

That’s why so many businesses and entrepreneurs struggle (and even more fail).

They jump from tactic to tactic.  

Or agency to agency.  

Never having true control or confidence in what they’re doing.  

And being forced to rely on “Hope Marketing" (ie relying on referrals and recommendations from others)…  

Or panicking. And engaging in “random acts of marketing” (ie jumping on whatever tactic comes your way).  

Or worse yet... doing nothing at all.  

Never truly fulfilling their businesses potential and confined to deal with whatever the market gives them.

Slowly toiling away in obscurity and losing market share to competitors.  

Not fun. Not fun at all.  

But it gets worse.  

You see most of the marketing advice out there is conflicting.

“Expert A” says do this “Expert B” says do that.  

After all… When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.  

This is why Facebook Advertising Agencies advise using Facebook Advertising for lead gen.  

SEO Consultants say SEO is the answer to your customer acquisition problems.  

Social Media Marketers believe all you need is social media and your message will spread like wildfire bringing leads, customers, and clients in by the boatload.

And the newspaper, radio, or phonebook all recommend… you guessed it... the newspaper, radio, or phonebook.  

When in reality it could be none (or all) of these and without the right filter to run your decisions through it’s unlikely any of these channels will deliver anything other than yet another hard lesson learned in what-not-to-do...

Fortunately, there is an alternative.


A proven system for generating consistent and qualified leads, sales, and customers for your business.

[In 90 Days]

What if instead of relying on "Hope Marketing" strategies like referrals, networking, and word-of-mouth advertising you had a system that:

  • That showed you EXACTLY where your perfect customers were online (and EXACTLY what to say to connect and convert them)  
  • That replaced guesswork and “random acts of marketing” with strategic marketing decisions that maximized profit and forecasted success…  
  • And helped you created “Perfect Positioning” to stand out in a crowded market so you never have to worry about where your next customer was coming from again…  

Well this is exactly what happens when you install The Matrix: Automatic Customer Solution in your business. 

If your last marketing effort fell short... 

If your business could benefit from a steady and consistent supply of new leads coming in every single day.

And if the thought of trying to figure out this whole marketing thing once and for all gives you a headache?

The Matrix is the answer and the path to growing your business quickly, predictably, and sustainably.

While the strategies used inside The Matrix are based on foundational marketing principles (and are therefore universally applicable), there are certain businesses who stand to gain even more than most by implementing this system. 

Ideal for: professional service businesses (doctors, lawyers, financial services, digital agencies, etc) coaches, consultants, experts, and thought-leaders.

Not ideal for: ecommerce, low ticket brick and mortar, “biz opp” or MLM, or pre-revenue start-ups (it needs to economically make sense for you, so if you’re broke, bankrupt, or barely scraping by this is probably too advanced for you at this point)  

The Matrix is a 90-Day Business Mentorship Program for businesses that want a proven step-by-step system for generating consistent and qualified leads, customers, and sales for their business using only the most effective digital marketing strategies.

  • You will know EXACTLY where to find your perfect clients online (and target only them)
  • And we will show you EXACTLY what to say and how to say it in order to turn prospects into customers  
  • So you will have a clear system detailing EXACTLY what to do (and more importantly, what NOT to do) when it came to marketing your business online (saving you time, money, and energy)  


While the rest of the market scrambles and fights to maintain market share in an increasingly competitive environment...

You will sit comfortably being in-demand and with a steady and consistent flow of new leads coming into your business every single day.

What is The Matrix?

If you truly want to grow your business, generate more leads, and increase your revenue than you do not need another:

  • Online course
  • "One-size-fits-all" group coaching program
  • Or webinar, ebook, or information product...

Instead, you need a powerful, transformative, 1-on-1 personalized mentorship program designed to give you exactly what you need to achieve fast and sustainable results. 

What creates these results is working 1-on-1 directly with an experienced, knowledgable, and industry leading marketing expert...

Someone to work with you every step of the way ensuring you end up with a fully functional, lead generating, business growing system of your very own. 

The reality is that you are unique, your business is unique, your customers are unique, and your market is unique...

This is why the priority needs to be in creating unique marketing solutions. When working together your business becomes our business. 

If you are ready for 1-on-1 support in designing, creating, and installing the proven Matrix: Automatic Customer Solution into your business, click the 'APPLY TO THE MATRIX' button below

What Happens Inside of The Matrix?

There are 4 parts to the Matrix: Automatic Customer Solution.  

They are strategic and sequential with each step building on the previous one.

The 4-parts are Market, Message, Media, and Matrix.

1) Market

The first step is to identify and locate your ideal and most perfect customer. The ones that love you, love what you do, and are willing and able to pay you for the value you provide. It’s in this first stage we also uncover how your business is uniquely positioned to provide massive value to them (The Model) and establish baseline metrics to ensure progress and growth (The Metrics).

2) Message

Next we uncover their biggest pains, problems, wants, or desires (Miracles and Miseries) and create “Perfect Positioning” for your business with a series of specific content, offers, and the creation and leverage of a unique “Signature System”. This allows your message to be heard above the noise and clearly communicates how you are uniquely able to solve your ideal customers exact problem - better than anyone else.

3) Media

In the third stage we isolate the exact channels and networks your ideal customers are present and active on allowing you to simplify your marketing while simultaneously multiplying your results (Connect and Convert). We also put into place a strategic lead capture strategy designed to attract your ideal customers, provide massive value, and position you as the authority in your market – automatically.

4) Matrix

It’s in the Matrix that we supercharge your ability to generate leads, sales, and revenue on demand by amplifying your message with a Multi-Channel Growth strategy that leverages both search (those actively looking for you) and discovery (getting in front of more potential customers). This allows you to stay top of mind and cost effectively increase your exposures. This is followed with a two-pronged Customer Multiplication strategy that brings in even more customers. 

By the end of The Matrix you will have:

  • A proven and effective lead generating and customer acquisition system installed in your business (allowing you to grow your business quickly, predictably, and sustainably).
  • The exact systems, frameworks, and templates to use so you’ll know exactly what to say (and how, where, and when to say it) to attract your most ideal and perfect client and customer.
  • Clarity, confidence, and a proven strategic plan you can use to filter all current and future opportunities through ensuring you only ever again invest in the highest ROI’ing channels, tactics, and strategies for your business.  

Here's How To Get Started

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But neither of us will know for sure until we talk.

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